Is Easter dessert one of the things you look forward to all year long? If so, then here are some great Easter dessert recipes you may want to consider. Some are very easy, while others are a bit more complicated. Try your hand at a few of these recipes, and see which turns out to taste the best in your opinion!

10 Fun Desserts to Try This Easter

1 – If you like easy Easter dessert recipes, then try a macaroon nest with candy Easter eggs on top. It’s fun, and takes about 15 minutes to get ready for baking!

2 – Going for a rustic Easter dinner? Then try this strawberry shortcake style trifle for your dessert. People are sure to rave about the taste!

3 – Traditionally, many people bake carrot cakes on Easter to honor the Easter Bunny. Try a different spin on traditional Easter dessert recipes and make carrot cake cookies!

4 – Do you want to go extravagant? Then consider this amazing chocolate Easter dessert recipe – creating a chocolate truffle pie that’s topped with Amaretto cream!

5 – If you will be having lots of children over for your Easter feast, this is a must-try. Let them enjoy playing with their food, by offering coconut chick cupcakes!

6 – For those looking for a recipe that the kids can even help with, you’re in luck. Here’s a recipe for butterscotch bird nests that they can help form and set the eggs on!

7 – When you want a simple and unassuming dessert to follow your feast, here’s a great option. Try creating a lemon dome cake and see what people have to say!

8 – Want to entertain your guests with your dessert? See who can figure out what this cake is! It’s the Easter Bunny, after falling down!

9 – Looking for a light dessert after a big Easter dinner? Try these peaches and cream flavored jigglers to appease your family. They’re fun and brightly colored!

10 – When you want your Easter dessert to be something people enjoy, and like to look at, then make your family an Easter dirt cake. They can have fun, and people of all ages are sure to love it!

Use these fun and inventive Easter dessert ideas to change up what you offer for dessert this year. Maybe, if you have time, you can create a few of them and see how much your family enjoys each option!