Have you been looking for Easter basket ideas for toddlers in the family? If so, there are lots of great options out there. Some of the best Easter gifts involve what you can put into an Easter basket. There’s nothing like watching a child open each item in their Easter basket and seeing the delight on their faces. If you want help seeking out the best ways of showing off your Easter ideas this year, give some of these ideas a try.

Creating Customized Easter Baskets

First, think about the toddler you want to create an Easter basket for. What is their favorite activity? Once you have narrowed down something they will enjoy, design an Easter basket around that list. Consider options like:

  • Coloring books, colored pencils, and toddler-safe crayons
  • Puzzles, small handheld games, and flashcards
  • Bath crayons, tabs that change the color of the water, and an Easter-themed washcloth
  • Books, stuffed animals, and a soft blanket to cuddle with
  • Play shoes, fun dress-up hats, and play clothes

When creating personalized Easter baskets, you need to consider the recipient first. Think about what they love most. Many toddlers love different characters they see on television. If the toddler you are thinking about loves specific shows on TV, consider some of these character groups to fill their Easter baskets:

  • Dora, Diego, and their friends
  • The Paw Patrol pups for kids who like puppies
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines for kids who like trucks
  • Winnie the Pooh for kids who like those stories
  • Wallykazam for kids who like trolls and dragons


When the time comes where you need help coming up with Easter ideas for toddlers, you need to think like them. Think about what things would make their eyes light up, and what would give them the best experience.

Don’t think about what their parents would want, or how educational their toys may be. That’s not the point. Easter is a time for them to have fun. Just pick out things that will allow them to have fun and make lasting memories. That is what makes the day, and the basket, perfect.