Easter is considered to be the most important celebration of Christianity. The countless existing traditions worldwide and the presence of the bunny that brings gifts, transformed this holiday into one beloved . For children Easter also means an opportunity to receive gifts. Besides classic gifts consisting of chocolate bunnies and eggs, there are many other options that your child will surely adore.

Decorating the house in accordance with this celebration can be an enjoyable activity with the whole family. Children will love your Easter decorations and bunny baskets. In the following, I will present you some Easter crafts ideas that will bring the holiday spirit into your home.

Unique Easter baskets

easterbasket2Easter baskets and nests can be “filled” not only with beautifully painted eggs, but also with spring flowers, ornamental rabbits or chickens – all these becoming an Easter decoration very creative and pleasing to the eye! These baskets can also be some suitable Easter gifts for kids if they are filled with chocolate eggs and marzipan figures . You can buy baskets and nests or you can made them from green twigs.

Easter Crafts made with children

Easter greetings can be made ​​easily with the children.In this way, every greeting card will have the “fingerprint” of each personality. On the greeting cards you can stick bunnies, chicks, lambs, decorated eggs, etc. You need colored cardboard, scissors, glue and imagination. You can also add glitter and some textile elements.Don’t forget to write “Happy Easter!”  From the colored cardboard you can also make some Easter baskets wipes. Children can stick various cutouts on these baskets.

Spring flowers made from paper

easterdec2On the internet there are many tutorials about how to make ​​3 D paper flowers.Crepe paper tulips will look great on the table for Easter or in the living room. Paper flowers are some very beautiful Easter decorations and crepe paper is very cheap.Of course, you can also buy natural flowers and fill the whole house. Natural daffodils have delightful fragrance.

Painted Eggs

This is an activity where the entire family can participate. You can paint natural eggs or wooden eggs. You can paint them simply with different colors or you can paint on them traditional Easter patterns. Painted eggs are a symbol of Easter, so a little basket with painted eggs will look gorgeous on the dining room table.

Chicks and bunnies from natural materials

Chicks and bunnies are loved by children. So, these Easter crafts will bring you the gratitude of your kids and admiration of your guests. You need imagination and skill. You can try to do chicks from eggs and bunnies of wood or corn. You can also use plush bunnies and in their arms put Easter baskets gifts or chocolate figurines for children.