Who doesn’t love Easter? Show me a kid who doesn’t love the season of charitable chocolate bunnies and colorful egg treats and I’ll show that kid how to really have a fun time. Known by many as one of the most celebrated children’s holiday in the world, the event has evolved from what one was an exclusively Christian celebration to a fun, holiday celebrating the coming of Spring.

For many children, Easter is the time of the year when the Easter bunny comes hopping about hiding secret baskets of treasures in their very own backyard. Similar to how Santa travels all over the world to deliver gifts, the Easter bunny is among the most iconic characters in children’s holidays.

Easterbaskets2Naturally, Easter wouldn’t be so fun without the excitement of hunting down those Easter baskets filled with overflowing numbers of Easter treats. Just imagine the delight in the faces of the egg hunters when they realize that each of them has their very own unique easter baskets. In fact, among the greatest reasons Easter is such a whole lot of fun is the excitement of coming up with the best Easter basket gifts and personalize them accordingly.

In order to celebrate the Spring season with cheer and laughter, we have listed some of the greatest Easter Basket ideas to create the perfect egg-hunting experience.

Get lightweight

No one likes a heavy load, especially young children carrying around baby Easter baskets. The best way to go is coarse lightweight materials such as plastic, fabric or rattan. If you’re h going for the traditional basket design for a more classic look, rattan is definitely the best material to use.

Choose according to personality and age

Easter gifts for kids are easy. Since kids are generally very easy to please, they’ll be happy to receive just candy and toys. But if you’d like to make things more interesting without spending too much here are a few great ideas for Easter gifts for kids:
• Crayons
• Coloring books
• Pencils
• Classic children’s books like The Giving Tree, Alice in Wonderland and The Velveteen Rabbit
• Building blocks
• Clay
• Toothbrush and toothpaste

The baby Easter baskets could also consist of healthy tasty treats like carrot cakes, cookies and orange juice. Don’t be afraid to add in a few marshmallow and bunny shaped treats.

Let the creative juices flow

easter3_Designing craftily unique Easter baskets are fun ways to keep children excited. Going for motifs based on the child’s interests such as pirates, dolls, or favorite colors are surefire ways to make Easter more memorable. For instance, if the child likes baseball, then baseball-themed Easter baskets would be perfect egg-hunting motifs. The Easter baskets could also be designed with letters of each child’s name or designed after their favorite cartoon character. A child who likes Doc McStuffins will appreciate a basket lined with doctor stickers and toy stethoscopes. You could also mix and match the designs using materials like crepe paper, cutouts, ribbons and appliques.

These are just some of the many Easter basket ideas that could help make any Easter holiday celebration interesting for children. Don’t forget to fill them up with Easter basket gifts that are healthy, fun and educational. If you enjoy making them, then the children will love them even more! Enjoy!